Happiness is within your self
Don’t go out looking for it in others


MONEY is just buying POWER

MOTIVATION goes hand in hand with INSPIRATION

LOVE can be selfish but enough…
What more do you want?

REPUTATION can kill your SELF ESTEEM IT’S FACT beware!

We are born with EGO and most are in denial…

HUNT your PASSION till you come across it

You have a DESTINY to fulfill

Take a chance with considerations to RISKS…

The is more to LIFE, have some room for DISAPPOINTMENT

The joys of life comes from ACHIEVEMENTS what have you done!




I stopped being a follower from not benefitting
I stopped being a fan from not benefitting
I never knew this indian mother fucker landed in our military airport.

Im human.
I have learned to be moral to my space and a little of some external unplanned factors

I don’t mind has humbled me
I am not a saint i do bad

Who ever is going to be good their whole life will die young

I don’t acknowledge bad selfish decision.


I like sharing…
I’m morally driven.

Im human first
Who am I judge…

By Nature of human we are taught to be judgmental

The is thing’s we don’t like and compromise is not our idea

Wit love​ we can accept and learn to relate
As marriage is a close and intimate union

Love is patient…
Hence the is incidents and accidents.

Back and forth we go on an  intimate union…
I was
Sometimes on that sunday morning where you want to feel comfy and all that younger again..

Different things can’t co exist at the same time…

A virgin gave birth…
The three wise man came…
Some say they where astrologist following the stars.

Im not angry im thankfully​…

I love my life regardless10481072_10208821245149322_6390935014651148415_o.jpg


10849774_10205318425061009_5721315866218884589_n.jpgThe Remedy for your flu is not always the same for me…

Unless I self infected you or the other way around…

When im coaching you, I’m not telling you that i do the things im coaching you about.
We can be identical twins but one self has their own heart and brain…

I may love you.
You may like me.
You could be the, While im some where the…

I’ve never been a follower but i don’t know about you.
You have travelled and me on the other side I’ve only been out once during my Middle schooling years because i was a participant …

You can never be where i have been regardless…

RSA Open letter 01

​All the people who will be like “Im leaving South Africa” le dlala rough bline…
Ga le jaje gore people are flocking in legally and commonly illegally to make a better life.





Basotho ba Lesotho

Swati’s frm Swaziland and other foreigners…
When they leave home ba itse gore Kanana ya Africa ke ko kae….

Lefatshe la Maswi le dinotshe…

Greener pastures RSA…

Some South Africans get bored and entertain themselves ka stupid pose hash tag dead pose😂😂😂

The Gupta’s know very well dey love business in South Africa 😀
It is still legal to make alot of babies in South Africa and to put cherry on top you even get Sassa card fed with money every month but thats non of my business though i pay tax, levies and other license renewals.
Kwazulu Natal has been home to Indians for many years, i dont even think they mind with the name of the Province, clearly Indians frm India…

Vendas from Venda😏

The Zulu’s got their recognision.
Hope to see Van Damme paying a visit in South Africa again…

To my fellow Kasi guys ba Mapantsula a 1972 style please try out some new trends…

I think getting stuck with the style also affects the way of thinking…😫

Check the difference 

1972 VW Beetle “Bug Life” 🐞


2017 VW Golf 7 R “Vrrrrrr Phaaa”🚗☁☁
Without risk the is no reward, without effort the is no work, without loosers how are we going to claim successful victory.😇
Before i forget please when you come to Pretoria, specifically at Major 1 Pastor Prophet Bushiri don’t ask me for favours, accommodations, directions etc….
I feel used and abused when you do that people. Don’t even bother inviting me i don’t even afford it nor believe in their God.😎
I my self strongly believe its good for them and it should stay that way, don’t get me involved i will dissapoint you.

😘Much love im not a hater.
Not faith driven come up with some factual theories atleast. It won’t be like ding dong bell noise in my ears.
To all members of ZCC who have ate porg “Nama ya Kolobe” before are you feeling guilty, demonic or both?
Plus the style of cross dressing for boys with scotch skirts e tswa kae mara😯 

ZCC in Scotland with Mcfaden, McMoholo, McCarthy, McMmarona???

Just curious no pun intended…😂
Always remember that what happens around us is largely outside our control, but the way we choose to react to it is inside our control. 😏

The Feeling Of Wealth

​The she is again

As I started idling

My mind thinking of taking a walk

I stumbled at her again

She defined what my mind is going through

As she shows up just like that.
I can now say I miss you

I would be telling a lie if I say I understand her

The honest truth is that I find her very interesting

My life time with her

I would learn and get to understand more

I pray to God for the Blessing
Sometimes when we are chatting we find a reason to laugh and smile from a distance from small things that are priceless.

Every time when I get the chance to be with her I use it whole heartedly and I don’t have to plan what to say.
She is not demanding

I give her more because I want to

I give her more because I care

I give her more because I have fallen in love

I give her more because I have realised how much I am blessed to meet her and tag along.

To be treasured in my life
When my phone is offline

I wonder around like a man who had lost lotto jackpot ticket.
She is not ordinary and that I like

She has those priceless things that money cannot buy



Sense of humour

The way she constructs her words when speaking

Not a typical girl for me

Her taste of class

A spade is a spade

A rose is a rose

A thorn is a thorn

An ordinary human being is just a surviving soul

She is not just surviving
Sometimes somethings and some people have to start at the bottom and work through improvements to the top with time ticking

Minority few don’t even have to witness the bottom as an advantage, even world war will never be able to touch their wealth.

Simply because it is not objective nor monetary wealth.

Some of Our ways of Nature

The way ignorancy can dictate lives.

If you don’t like where you are in life you should move.
Trees don’t have feet but they always stand firm.

They can’t speak nor threaten anybody but instead, they are under threat of those who can speak.
“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. “Albert Einstein

I dare you to deem your self as stupid…
I am not a saint and I acknowledged my wrong doings.

I have been disappointed and heart broken but I stil believe.

Too much of faith

And love ofcouse.
If you don’t have a strong faith it shall be shaken and mocked, thats natural also.

Beard wil grow and attempts will be made to cut it short and try to look cute as the social dynamics has regarded it as neat.

Different preferences its normal don’t hate.

Judging is normal we all know.

Though I know alot of people who don’t have a single strand of beard or hair and they are stil untidy.
The natives and african never wore alot and the was nothing wrong with it.

A model wears a skirt same size as the natives and they are given names…

Labelled shem sorry.
Nature has its way people have some ways.
Atomic bombs wil never stop the time as Robert Marley said…
Never have I ever came across an orange tree bearing apples.
I stil can’t download food to my stomach.

Some people still can not use their brains but No.1 with Candy Crush. 
Magic is stil true lies.

Good stunt men.

Rumours claim its possible to use a loaf of bread to fly…

A Racist is stil an insecure lost individual.

A Pastor is stil regarded as a good person but his dog is not holly.

Don’t Judge…
Some wealthy rich people are stil looking for miracle in wrong places while they can perfom them with their monies.

No wonder they find it as a tragedy when they get hurt in a no Star hotel wit poor engineered buildings.

I may be poor but I am able to make the wealthy jealous.
I may be extremely academically inclined but fail to have moral.

The birds can act wiser than humans and migrate with time.

The ants are exceptional hardworkers but the is always a lazy one.
Nokia did nothing wrong, time moved on.

Blackberry is now using Android.

New Apple Iphone 7 is going on sales.
Sumsang will launch yet another Galaxy
Cars already have conputers inside.
Robotics has replaced and created jobs wit faint divergent qualifications criteria.
It is only natural to have the opposite.

The thin line of common is not always dark, bright or invicible.The unique always stands out in most cases.
The bright ones always shine when around the dull.

Non stimulated mind can be demoralized. 

A lonely soul is bound to be miserable without support.

A big heart will hurt without love.

We are all different for some reasons but common things withing us exists dats natural.

Laziness will always be a bad habit.

Unless you can justify.

Trees and plants dont need to move you are the guarding you can move if you feel the need.
If you don’t like where you are but you aint advancing where  you wanna be.

I my self deem ur self as a surviving soul.

I dont need your authority this time, its my call.
It is only natural to stand up for your self and reach out.

Just like a stationery plant that stretches its branch to reach the sun to let the process of photosynthesis take its natural turn.
All unattended matters , the unknown and all the things we call things because we don’t know them in general always cause un natural imbalance.
Knowledge is one powerful set of skills though the opposite may command respect and all unnatural irregularities.

A Fight that has unpredictable outputs.


I wish I had a genie.

I don’t have a lot of wishes

It’s fairy tales I know.
I would get a wish.

I would also summon him for not being around when we need wishes.

I would kick him hard.
Usually its hard to coordinate the story line and the book cover.

A true promise and lies.

A commitment and mind games.
Marry Go round and life goes on.

The wind will always be travelling otherwise it won’t be wind when its stationary.

The air we breath, has a significant role in our blood flow.
It is easy to utter words from your mouth.

But situations can make it close to impossible to keep your word for it.

I can run thousands of kilometers over again but I only live once to walk in this life time journey.
Rejection and acceptance are virtue in our lives.

You master that, u can be the best selfish person…

You can get an award for being the Egotist.

But I assure you being alone will only bring you misery.
Rome was not built in a second den again the was blue collar hard labour.

Working together was vital to establish an empire.
Supporting structures can either be weak or strong.

The weakest can last longer while the strong can be blown away like a feather in some instances.
Damage is a damage it can not be justified.

Acknowledge it and fix if possible.

A broken heart hurts more than a needle punch.

Self explosion is just on cartoon network its for pure pleasure not reality case.

Fun it is.
I may write a book.

Larger than the largest book.

Only the reader can choose to love it or not.

It might make less money than the smallest book while famous globally for its size.
I don’t ask you not to judge me.

I’m human

It is in my natural human instinct to feel bad when miracles are not coming my way.
I’m not chasing miracles

I have hope

I will perform miracles.



After preparing weeds (Lengana Traditional Cough Medicine) with my secrete ingredient and lemon.
I ate and drank it then after took flu pack (2 capsules and 3 tablets).

It took a while to sink in but eventually around 1am I felt the need to rest.

It was an amazing feeling.

Like being put to rest from a couch to the bed. As a parent would do to their exhausted children from a long playful day at Pre-school…

The strings of dreams I had were horrible.
I don’t like them.
It was like my world was turning its back on me.

I would wake up after every dream.
I would pray for everybody and catch sleep fast and that its not a norm wit existence of insomnia.
But it was a string of dreams.

That didn’t stop me from smiling when I woke up.
I’ve been motivated enough.
And I Felt much better the remedy worked.

I haven’t lost hope just yet.
I have Hope.

I stil have time to gain weight
Yes more birthdays, time flies..
…etc and The End(Death)

That is reality and dreams
All Governed by the beginnings where it all begins and the endings…

Where we all make a conclusion.
And life goes on and on…

A Journey Into Something


The journey began before you could even think it existed.
We have been advised.
We have been warned.
We heard a lot of testimonials.
The stories are endless.

We may think some had a deficit journey.
They were the on the journey of their lives.
Having a circular life routine.
Mastering some parts of the routine.
Creating a simple and less complicated life.

Fear limits out potential of living life to the fullest and affects our journey.
Fear has a tendency of isolation.
Fear has harassed alot, it is a biggest factor of holding people back.

Our journey began the day I fell in love with you…
I was able to come to an understanding for fear of rejection.
I’m not perfect but I’m certain and sure when I have a strong feeling of love.
I still believe and for sure its a biggest part of my journey, we’re I stand tall and do my Man duties.
I can do a lot of things alone…
Love has the desires of having a life partner to run the journey to the finish line “death” though nobody said its were all things end…

The biggest fear that haunts me, it’s the fear of loss.
I don’t personally like it, but when it’s in my eyes, Then its a situation I must deal with, accept and move on.

Determination has a great spin of drive as it has precise direction.
We all have values and principles, they may be influenced but, not all the things in life gets to be inherited.

Unprepared Journey seldom achieves the best results unless if it was jus a walk in the park.

Preparation and planning very vital in our journeys…
Sit backs usually are caused by the situations of which they also affects our priorities.
The priorities we wanna put in front.

“If you don’t know were you are going any road leads you the” Carroll Lewis

A Journey without a destination is just like a walk in the park to unwind…
A journey of life has its own mental and emotional roller coaster,
Comparing to amusements parks, we know its for entertainment.

In our journey of life you are the architecture of you map.
You are the land surveyor.
You are the Engineer.
You are the leader
You are the planner
You are the validator
It’s your journey…

Never allow someone to be your priority while you are an option.

Just because some don’t seem to care about you or show enough affection, it doesn’t mean you should forget about those who care….

No one said everybody is gonna love us in our journey…
Some are still jealousy driven regardless.
Bad morals.
Lack of plans and understanding.
Stupidity main factor.

This is a journey into something.